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Terri’s Story
By Diana Lynn

For more than twelve years she had languished, slowly deteriorating in the absence of rehabilitative therapy. Although she was neither dying nor dependent on machines for her life, and had no living will, many felt the brain-injured woman who relied on a feeding tube for nourishment should die.


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Letter from Terri's Brother
Week of October 22, 2007

As you know, Terri’s Foundation is on the front lines in the battle for life in America. On a regular basis, we come face to face with the evil of the death culture and are continually receiving calls from families in need of help.

Recently however, there has been some very good news. On September 14, we received news from Rome. In response to the US Bishop’s asking for the clarification in regards to Pope John Paul’s March 2004 allocution regarding food and hydration, the Vatican reaffirmed Pope John's allocution. They reiterated that if a person is not dying and is only in need of basic care, food and hydration, then we are morally obligated to care for this person. This once again removed any doubt that what happened to Terri was wrong, must never be accepted and represents direct euthanasia.

Please take the time to read the article, press release by Terri’s Foundation and the article published by Fr. Tom Euteneuer titled, The Vindication of Terri Schiavo. All three are included in this Newsletter.

Some more good news – we learned that Jack Kevorkian’s scheduled October 11 appearance at the University of Florida has been postponed until January. A letter and the thousands of petitions acquired by Terri’s Foundation have been sent to the President of the University of Florida, Dr. James Bernard Machen, asking him to not allow Kevorkian to speak at his University.

We are encouraged that Kevorkian’s date has been temporally postponed and will remain hopeful the University will take into consideration the dangers of having Kevorkian speak and decide that it would be best to permanently cancel Dr. Death appearance. We will certainly keep you updated. In the meantime, if you haven’t already signed the “Say No to Dr. Death” petition it’s not too late to do so.

Whether it is the unborn, the elderly or the disabled, life must always be respected. Caring for loved ones who have become ill or grown old is not an inconvenience, it is an honor. Only God has the power to create and take our lives.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Bobby Schindler

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Vatican Affirms Obligation of Feeding Tubes

Pope Benedict meets with Terri’s parents in St. Peter's square, May 2005.
VATICAN CITY – The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith clarified that the administration of nutrition and hydration to people in the so-called vegetative state is, with rare exceptions, morally obligatory.

The document and accompanying note, released today and approved by Benedict XVI, came as an answer to questions presented to the Vatican by the U.S. bishops in 2005.

The questions were sent just months after Florida woman Terri Schiavo, who was living in a vegetative state after having sustained brain-damage, died 13 days after having her feeding tube removed.


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