11-Year-Old Wheelchair Athlete Slams “Me Before You” Movie: “Why Do You Want Me Dead?”


(LifeNews.com) – Ella Frech is an 11-year-old who uses a wheelchair. She also is a professional female wheelchair skater (WCMX), currently ranked number two in the world. Like many pro-life and disability rights advocates, Frech is upset about a new summer romance flick, “Me Before You,” that she said promotes assisted suicide for people like her who have disabilities. Frech wrote a strong column for Aleteia this week, rebuking Hollywood for promoting a film that romanticizes a disabled man’s suicide.

“This could have been a great movie. It could have been the love story of two people and one of them just happens to use a chair,” the 11-year-old wrote. “It happens all the time. The people in love don’t think about the chair. It’s the other people who think it’s a big deal.” CONTINUE