Assisted Suicide Up 250% in Switzerland Since 2009


(The Corner) – We are in the midst of an attempt to normalize suicide as a way of dying. Think, the celebration over Brittany Maynard’s death. Think media swooning over suicide parties. Think the increasing numbers of suicides/euthanasia deaths in locales where it is legal.

Switzerland exemplifies the trend. Assisted suicide rates are up 250% since 2009, and 26% in one year. From the Le News story:

In 2014, 742 people in Switzerland were helped to end their lives. This represents 1.2% of deaths for the year. 94% were over 55, and the vast majority were suffering from a serious terminal illness… The most common reason behind assisted suicides was cancer, which accounted for 42% of the total. Cancer was followed by neurodegenerative (14%), cardiovascular (11%) and musculoskeletal (10%) diseases… The number ending their lives without assistance in 2014 was stable at 1,028. CONTINUE