Car Crash Doesn't Slow Lake Holcombe Student


(The Chippewa Herald) – With a hint of pride in her voice, Myah Larson recalls the list. Pelvis fractured in three places. Severely dislocated hip. Multiple skull fractures. Countless bruises and scrapes. Traumatic brain injury. The bullet points refer to wounds that no person wishes upon another. But Larson suffered each one in a car crash in March 2014.

She spent two weeks in a coma and a month in the hospital. Doctors feared she would never wake up. But nearly two years later, Larson doesn’t look at the list of injuries as things that held her back. She only sees adversities that she overcame. It is with positive lenses that Larson views the world. She’s aware of how fortunate she is to still be alive, and cherishes everything she has in front of her. CONTINUE