Doctor Refused to Treat Baby Saying He’d Die in a Month. That Was 6 Months Ago


( – With the recent birth of their son Alexander, Katie and Ryan Buck of West Des Moines, Iowa have experienced doctors stealing their hope for the life of their child. The Bucks did not know that Alexander was growing inside of Katie with the rare chromosomal abnormality of Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome. When Alexander was born, he struggled and fought for life. Doctors knew something was affecting him so they did some testing and diagnosed Alexander with Trisomy 18. Life threatening illnesses, diseases, and conditions have been in existence all throughout human history. Many people have overcome these obstacles and lived long lives.

Doctors have been amazing instruments in helping to eradicate and defeat many of these problems like rabies, small pox, infections, and many others that have plagued mankind. However, there is an infection in the medical community among doctors and nurses that has spread across this country…Hopelessness. It’s not a germ or virus, but it acts like one and takes over its victims. CONTINUE