Doctors: It’s a Miracle


(fsutorch) – Ask Noah Maxson or any of his friends or family members if they believe in miracles and the answer will be a resounding yes.

Sunday, Feb. 5, Noah Maxson, 19, a freshman in the criminal justice program at Ferris, was driving to his family’s home in White Cloud after attending church at Trinity Fellowship in Big Rapids. While driving on a dirt road, he lost control of his truck on the ice and collided with a tree. During the collision, his head hit and shattered the driver side window.

“Firsthand, I think the only thing I remember is going into the Shell gas station after going to church,” Noah said. “I had parked two gas pumps to the left of a guy that I knew. I talked to him for a little bit before we both had to go.

I don’t even know which way I left the gas station. I don’t remember going to church. I don’t remember seeing people there.” CONTINUE