Due Process Against Denial of Care

The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network upholds human dignity through service to the medically vulnerable.

We express this mission through public advocacy of essential qualities of human dignity—which include the right to food and water, the presumption of the will to live, due process against denial of care, protection from euthanasia as a form of medicine, and access to rehabilitative care—as well as through 24/7 Crisis Lifeline service to at-risk patients and families.

Why do we advocate due process against denial of care?

Should strangers be able to decide whether a patient lives or dies? We believe patients and families in crisis who have to make life and death decisions should be able to do so in peace, and without the pressure of an overzealous group of doctors, hospital ethics committees, or insurers deciding whether someone deserves to be denied life-sustaining care simply because their care is expensive.


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