Euthanasia Movement Sells Assisted Suicide to the Depressed


(By Judie Brown/American Life League) – With all the fluff and noise about the elections, two reports came to my attention recently that may have missed your roving review of the news.

We have learned that in the Netherlands the government will kill you at your request, even if what you’re suffering from is alcoholism or depression. One report reveals that “More than 5,500 individuals were euthanized under the euthanasia laws of the Netherlands last year, including a man who considered himself a hopeless alcoholic and another who suffered from chronic depression after having been a victim of sex abuse.”

So what’s it to Americans if another nation’s government has sanctioned this sort of erratic acceptance of imposed killing? The answer is that healthcare in the Netherlands is a function of government programs and everyone is required to have it! The Netherlands is a much smaller nation, and of course the Dutch healthcare system has drawbacks, but let the patient beware. What happens in the Netherlands does not have to stay there. CONTINUE