Girl Makes Miraculous Recovery After Horrific Crash


( – "Great" is one of the many words that could describe Talia Schaffart, 7, right now. "Happy!" exclaimed Talia. And "happy" is another one. She's come a long way since her accident, back on December 5th, when she suffered a lacerated carotid artery, two skull fractures and a traumatic brain injury.

Jenna Staskiewicz, Talia's mom, said, "We were told a couple times that she may not live, that she would be deaf, she may not wake up, she may not ever see again." But something miraculous happened, just a few weeks later.

"Her first words that we got to hear were 'Merry Christmas' on Christmas," Staskiewicz said. "We didn't expect her to say anything, and they were her words, right when she woke up." CONTINUE