Nursing Home Euthanizes Woman Who Only Had a Bladder Infection


( – I received an email from a person, whose Aunt died by euthanasia, even though she might only have a bladder infection. This email letter proves out that the supposed safeguards in Canada’s euthanasia law are ineffective and ignored by euthanasia doctors who are deciding who lives and who dies. The letter is edited for privacy:

My Aunt … was just Euthanized today Nov 9, 2016 by Lethal injection at … Retirement Home … in BC. We were called to a meeting at … Hospice on Nov 7, 2016 to be told for the first time that our … Aunt had requested to be Euthanized. We were told it would take at least 10 days. My sister and I argued that our Aunt appears to only have a severe Bladder infection.

The Hospice Doctor said he would look into having her urine tested for this before they proceed with Euthanasia. The same day we were sent over to our Aunts apartment to witness the doctor (that is going to give our Aunt the Lethal injection) having our Aunt sign the document to give her the permission to do the euthanasia. CONTINUE