Recovery Shows Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Should be Used for Veterans


(The Republic) – The next Indiana General Assembly and Gov.-elect Eric Holcomb’s administration begin their next month. Investments will be prioritized and probably limited based upon predicted tax revenue. One investment that should make the list is the medical care of our veterans.

Traumatic brain injury/post traumatic stress injury (TBI-PTS) is the most significant issue facing veterans today, and thousands of Hoosiers suffer from it. The current Veterans Administration care is not working. How can we change this?

Nothing supersedes evidence, good data and science. We need $2 million in funding for a world-class hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatment program, conducted in existing Indiana clinics. The Indiana Veteran Recovery Plan, a clinical trial, treats and gathers scientific data so the treatment can become a standard of care for everyone. The military and Veterans Coalition of Indiana is trying to get the Indiana to initiate this statewide clinical trial. CONTINUE