Teen Shows Signs of Recovery After Being Struck by Tree


(Orange County Register) - An Irvine girl who suffered severe injuries after a tree fell on her during a recent storm is out of her coma and celebrated her 14th birthday Wednesday with her family and friends.

After going through brain surgery and being in a medically induced coma for more than a week, Teresa Johnston opened her eyes on Sunday, her sister Misha Johnston said in a phone interview. She can now open and close her eyes and slightly move her hands, arms and legs, her sister said.

She also nods when nurses ask her if she recognizes family members in the hospital room. “I was amazed,” Misha Johnston said. “I felt signs of life after eight days. During those days, everything was on the line. So to see the signs of life, I started crying again.

“Now there’s hope. There’s a huge sign of hope.” CONTINUE