Triathlete Counts Traumatic Brain Injury as 'Blessing'


( – The New Year is often about losing weight, finally taking a meditation class or perhaps launching a new job search but here’s a resolution to add, compliments of David Musicant – find miracles in the worst moments.

The 51-year-old Franklin Lakes man is an admitted Type A, nailing it in private equity and completing several marathons and Iron Man competitions all over the United States and abroad. One of his training regimens includes waking at 3:30 a.m., driving into Manhattan and bicycling 80 miles in six loops around Central Park before a full work day.

But that was the easy part of Musicant’s life. Then on June 25, 2015, bicycling alone along Skyland Drive in Ringwood at 30 mph preparing for the Iron Man competition in Hawaii, he checked his watch to monitor his racing time – and woke up in a hospital. CONTINUE