Woman Battles Back from Horrific Auto Accident, Traumatic Brain Injury


(Republican Herald) – The remarkable life story of Sarah Godfrey, Wilkes-Barre, draws an ever-expanding crescendo of “Wows!” and “That’s wonderful!”

Clinically dead and suffering from severe brain trauma following a horrific auto accident, Godfrey came out of a six-week coma and — supported by family, friends and medical professionals — she has continued on a long path of recovery and learning.

She is now poised to begin her latest challenge. Godfrey, 23, will depart for Fife, Scotland, in late August to begin studies at the University of St. Andrews for a master’s degree and then hopefully a doctorate in health psychology. She said her goal is to work one day in a neuropsychology setting and help others suffering from brain injuries, including brain trauma. CONTINUE