World Class Skier Thanks Doctors for Taking Bold New Steps to Save Her Life


(Vancouver Sun) - Jamie Crane-Mauzy, a world renowned freestyle skier at the time of her horrific crash on the slopes of Whistler 15 months ago, is back in Vancouver Tuesday to thank medical teams for saving her brain and her life.

The skiing champion says the real heroes are the doctors who decided she was a suitable first patient to receive new brain monitoring technology that helped rescue her neurological functions while she was partly, temporarily paralyzed and in a coma.

The then-22 year old from Utah was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital in April 2015 after catching a ski edge during an international competition and suffering a traumatic brain injury from the impact of the fall.

A pair of critical care physicians who had been recently trained on new autoregulation monitoring technology and procedures developed at the University of Cambridge deemed Crane-Mauzy an ideal first patient for the new procedure. CONTINUE