We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the disrespectful and callous comments directed at Terri Schiavo, including the insensitive portrayal of her in the Family Guy Episode 14 from Season 8 that refers to her as a "vegetable" while a doctor states "I hate vegetables" causing the audience to laugh. Another doctor refers to Terri has having "mashed potato brains" and being "the most expensive plant you'll ever see."

Regardless of one's position on her case, it is essential to maintain a level of dignity and compassion in discussing her situation and the situation of any and every disabled individual.

We urge all individuals to engage in respectful dialogue and to refrain from insulting or demeaning language when discussing sensitive topics like the Terri Schiavo case.

Disparaging remarks not only dishonor Terri's memory but also harm her family and friends who continue to honor her memory and mourn the fact that she was dehydrated to death by her doctors at the behest of her husband and mandated by a judge. The above mentioned Family Guy episode and its creator, Seth MacFarlane, continues to insult and offend the members of other families throughout America who unconditionally love and care for their brain injured and disabled family members.

It is also saddening and abhorrent that Disney+, Hulu and Fox still continue to belittle Terri Schiavo, to disparage disabled individuals especially those who have experienced brain injury, and to promote insensitivity toward the pain of others by airing this offensive show.

We ask that Episode 14 of Season 8 of Family Guy be removed immediately from your streaming service. It is never right for public entertainment to promote profound disrespect of the disabled and mockery of the pain of a family for their loved one.

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