The threat of imposed death is widespread and growing daily. In the years subsequent to Terri Schiavo's death, the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network has received countless phone calls from people seeking assistance and have been involved in hundreds of cases.

Because of privacy issues, we have below only a few of the personal testimonies from families and loved ones that the Life & Hope Network has helped.

 "Our son suffered a brain injury nearly 3 years ago. The hospital that treated him didn't seem to really care if he survived or not. We were desperate to find a voice for him as his health slipped through the cracks of the medical system. My husband reached out to many rehab hospitals and brain injury specialists. The Terri Schiavo Foundation was there for us right from our first phone call. They gave us information on resources and guidance on how to advocate for our son. Suzanne Vitadamo even made a trip to see our son and introduce herself to the staff at the hospital. They kept in constant contact with us throughout our ordeal. We really needed and appreciated that support. Josh is now home with us and doing very well. They continue to support us even now. We are very thankful for their help." - Sylvia, Josh's mother

"I just wanted to drop a note to thank-you for your recent referral for my brothers behalf, whom is in a coma at Riverside Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The hospital was wanting to initiate removing life support. My husband called and spoke to a Suzanne, and thanks to her referral to contact the Ohio Legal Rights Service who immediately came to us at the Hospital and met with us and then with the Ethics Committee of the hospital, whom assured him at this time they will honor the family wishes... So, A VERY BIG "THANK-YOU!!!!!!" to you for all your time and efforts in helping us to sustain our family member life from termination. There isn't enough Thanks to give in the entire world!!!! Thank-You and Bountiful Blessings To You & Your Staff!!!" - Karen, sister of Phillip

"On May 31st 2002 I was involved in a fatal car accident. I was in a coma for 3 months and I wasn't expected to live. The surgeon actually wanted to euthanize me, I had a 0% chance of living and he said if I were to survive I would be in a nursing home the rest of my life. I know people say they would prefer to give up and not live like that, they even sign off allowing the doctors to pull the plug. People think they wouldn't want to go through that horrible experience; actually I used to think that way too. But an accident like that changes who you are, and you have no way of pre-determining how you would feel after such an incident occurs. I never thought I would be this happy, and to think a doctor would have been able to take that from me really frustrates me. I look at myself two ways now, pre accident and post accident. I am so glad I was able to experience the post accident; I have such a great understanding of life now. One that I would of never been able to achieve if I had taken the 'easy way out.' That is why Terri's Foundation is so important for the great work they do because they continue to help families that are struggling like I was. You can't even comprehend the amount of suffering these people are going through. Terri's Foundation makes that cross a little lighter to bear for those helpless individuals, and their families." - Brendan Flynn, TBI Survivor

"During the recent illness of a family member living far away I sought consultation with the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation about finding legal resources to represent my loved one's patient rights in a geographical location that is unfamiliar to me. The response included several long phone conversations with Bobby Schindler who patiently provided excellent legal referrals, wise advocacy strategies, and much kindness in his listening, keen understanding, and supportive encouragement. I will be grateful always." - From an appreciative family member

"We are grateful for the Schindlers for their support and bringing Scott's story to light. We pray that they continue their work bringing hope and help to others." - Pamela, Scott's mother

"I can state unequivocally that were it not for Bobby Schindler and the Terri's Foundation, my cousin, Janet Rivera, would most likely not be alive today. It was through Terri's Foundation that I found an excellent lawyer to negotiate with the County of Fresno to discontinue the euthanasia of Janet, which, as her conservator, they were intent upon carrying out. I first spoke with Bobby Schindler on the morning of July 21st-at that time, Janet had been without hydration for almost seven full days. By that afternoon, I was in touch with the lawyer who-the very next day-persuaded the County to resume the hydration and nutrition of Janet and to begin the transfer of conservatorship of my cousin to me. There is something miraculous in the way that Janet was snatched from death's door! Although many people played a part in Janet's miracle, I know that Bobby Schindler and the Terri's Foundation made it happen; they were truly the seed by which it came about. Additionally, Bobby's continued caring, concern, and advice during this process of gaining conservatorship have been invaluable. Thank you, Bobby. Thank you, Terri." - Susan, Janet's cousin and newly appointed guardian

"We continue to pray for your family and many others ... Your family planted the seed for our family to fight for our loved one Jesse Ramirez Jr. We honestly feel your foundation is the reason our brother is alive! Thank You so much and God Bless." - Family of Jesse Ramirez

"The Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation is a beacon of hope for people everywhere who strive to protect innocent human lives from those who do not value all life as a gift from God. The Foundation is one of the very few voices standing up for the abandoned and most helpless among us. I thank God for their wonderful work." - Prominent Ohio Physician, Dr. Doody

"In 2005, I watched the news and listened to broadcasts about the ongoing battle that had been waged in the sorrowful case of Ms. Terri Schindler Schiavo. Little did I realize that two and a half years later, I would receive the wonderful help of Terri's sister, Mrs. Suzanne Vitadamo, at my darkest moment. I was my mother's caregiver for many years, and called an ambulance because she appeared a little dehydrated. I was shocked at how quickly she was over medicated, despite my questions and protestations. I was ignored by the staff: doctors and nurses in horror, I attempted to beg them to STOP medicating her, but no one would listen to me. Finally, I contacted a Radio Station, that immediately put me through to Suzanne Vitadamo. In love and faith, Suzanne become my advocate with the hospital, and suddenly, I was no longer ignored. I thank God, Jesus and the Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy, for this wonderful foundation. Suzanne kept in touch with me quite often to express sorrow at my loss. This foundation is necessary for those in need."- Family member

"Like Terri, I know the horror of starvation. My feeding tube was turned off for eight days after doctors gave me no hope fro recovery. We should applaud Terri's family for continuing on after Terri's death to defend the sacredness of life." - Kate Adamson (Kate survived a devastating stroke and is now a highly acknowledged international speaker advocating for the disabled)

"The Schindler family, valiantly, through their own heartbreak and loss, reached out and touch the lives of others to help their experience, suffering, and way be made easier than their own. My own personal need came to light when just a month after meeting Bobby Schindler I found myself turning to him for support with my own mother, states away in Florida, who had to make an emergency room visit and then was receiving improper care which could have resulted in life or death for her. I made a call to Bobby and he immediately and repeatedly returned my calls and tried to locate me at every place he knew to reach me until he did so! The support and contacts he offered helped calm me and learn what I could to for my mother. I was terrified for her welfare being so far away. We need ALL that those such as the Schindlers can do...to foster a betterment of this entire system of preserving life. We forever need to be able to turn to this Foundation to preserve life in honor of Terri's legacy and sacrifice... and to change and reform the concept of people as eligible to be thrown away. We need to further their efforts so that even this one person can feel they are not alone... that they count and their life matters... that they too have a family to fight for them... the Schindlers tirelessly do so...and we are so very fortunate to have them... when it's time for you to call upon them... they are here for you. I found that out first hand. I thank you from the bottom of my heart" - Family member

"I would like to thank Mary Schindler who has worked with me personally over the past three years and the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation. My son sustained a traumatic brain injury four years ago at the age of 17 ½. Since then he has been fighting for the right to live, live at home, have free and natural access to his friends and family, and receive adequate quality rehabilitation. The medical community, the legal community and the insurance company have proved to date to be an insurmountable force. Mary Schindler and Terri's foundation are the only organization that has given us hope or help in the last four years. I have contacted many organizations both at the state and Federal level and many other organizations to numerous to mention. Again the only ray of hope and help has come from Terri's Foundation. If it had not been for Mary Schindler I would have been totally alone for the last four years trying to fight for my son's right to live. Thank you Mary from the bottom of my heart for the hope and help you have given me and my son and for just walking with us and encouraging us to keep fighting." - Siiri, Pat's Mother