Commemorating Terri Schiavo's 52 Birthday


A Note from Bobby Schindler

Today, December 3, 2015, my sister Terri would have been 52 years old. Her life—and her chance for rehabilitation—was cut short by a husband, a lawyer, a judge, and ultimately a culture that decided that man rather than God should decide which lives matter.

We work every day at the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network in service to the medically vulnerable, providing the sort of medical, legal, emotional, and spiritual support to families in crisis that affirms life, and that, whenever possible, ensures a chance for a meaningful rehabilitation for a loved one. I share many of those stories every day.

In a world that seems to embrace an increasingly hopeless attitude toward the most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters, I take encouragement in having come to know so many advocates for life over the past ten years. The public work of affirming life and hope is important, but the most important work in affirming one another's fundamental dignity—regardless of whatever circumstances we happen to find ourselves in—almost always happens in small, private moments.

I'm happy to be a part of the fight for life with you, and I know Terri is smiling on the work we're doing. She is not forgotten, and her spirit endures as a force for good in a world that's forgetting its ethics. We can build a better world together, so that the next person in Terri's situation is loved and embraced unconditionally.

To everyone fighting for life, thank you.

In service,